Make it: quick and easy flower ornament! December 8, 2006

I made this super-quick ornament the other night after a long day of writing on deadline. It was the perfect little instant-gratification project: cut it, glue it, let it dry overnight, and there you go.

You can create yours with any size or color rhinestone — play with the scale and make a bunch of tiny flowers or a bigger one. Mine measures 1.5 inches across and 3.5 inches top to bottom, and I used a 25-mm rhinestone from Berger Beads for the center.

flower ornament!

You’ll need:

A scrap of felt
Pencil or fabric marking pen
Pinking shears
Two round flat-backed rhinestones
Aleene’s Tacky Craft Glue
2.5 inches of 20-gauge craft wire
Round-nose pliers, pushpin (optional)

1. Place your first rhinestone on the felt and lightly sketch a circle around it, about 1/8 – 1/4 inch bigger than the stone on all sides. Cut the circle out with your pinking shears.

2. Use a generous amount of craft glue to add the rhinestone to the felt and let it set (usually about a half-hour, longer is fine). Flip the piece over and glue the second rhinestone to the opposite side. Let it dry completely.

3. Use your fingers to create a curve in the first 3/4 inch of the piece of wire, which will be the hanger. Then use pliers or your fingers to bend the other end of the wire, 1/4 inch in, into a smaller fold (shown in the photo on the left), which will connect to the ornament.

4. Use the pushpin or the piece of wire to pierce the felt in one spot about halfway between the edge and the rhinestone. Slip the flower onto the curved end of the hanger and slide it all the way down to the bend at the bottom. Hang it on your tree (or jade plant) or wrap it up as a gift!

Variation: Use buttons instead of rhinestones for the flower centers — you can glue or sew them on. Or use just one rhinestone instead of two.

For more how-to projects, check out the holiday gift ideas round-up I posted a few days ago, too — I’ve been adding new links at the top of each section!

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