The Sampler… for life! November 29, 2006

I got my Sampler in the mail today, and… wow!

December Sampler!

So many great things in one package! This time, I especially love the Sappy Moose Tree magnetic bacon, Studio Cate’s tissue cover, Enamor’s darling little bird pendant, the adorable Nut and Bee letterset, a Petals leaf-and-button heart pin, and a tin of Zazzle grapefruit body balm. Every month’s mix is different, but I always find instant favorites and new lines to check out. You can always take a peek at the gallery page to see what might end up in your mailbox, but part of the fun is the unpredictable mix-up.

And now you can even win a lifetime subscription to the Sampler! Marie, who puts each and every month’s Samplers together with love and care, has graciously donated a permanent subscription as a fundraiser for Felt Club XL.

Lifetime Subscription to the Sampler

Each raffle ticket is just $2, and all the money goes towards putting the event together… and if you win, you have the excitement of a Sampler to look forward to every month from now on! But hurry, the contest ends tomorrow (11/30) and the winner will be announced on Friday (12/1). Who will it be??

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