Bingo’s Craft Emporium November 28, 2006

I’ve been doing lots of my holiday shopping this week — due to very annoyingly timed travel, I’ll be missing all the cool craft sales, including Crafty Wonderland, Felt Club, the Craftacular, and the Indie Craft Experience next month… wah. So I’ve had to get an early start.

Andrew and I hit up Amazon and the Chronicle sale (free ground shipping rules!) for most of our family presents, and then I stopped by ReForm School for one last wonderful (secret) thing. While I was on Sunset, I also met up with Sarah, proprietoress of Pull My Daisy, at Eat Well to hear more about her December-only venture, Bingo’s Craft Emporium — named after the king of the neighborhood, her dachsund Bingo. Sarah is setting up a one-month-only space next door to her shop to feature all kinds of handmade work from dozens of Los Angeles artists and crafters. This Friday, December 1, she’s throwing a grand opening party to celebrate the Emporium… plus the launch of American Appalling, an all-new calendar for 2007 that sends up the very distinctive advertising of a certain Made-In-Downtown-LA vertically integrated clothing manufacturer. It must be seen to be believed.

Bingo's Craft Emporium

So if you’re shopping in Silver Lake anytime next month, be sure to swing by, and if you’re looking for a place to sell your killer handmade stuff, look no further! E-mail Sarah and Jovita at for all the details (the big picture: 60/40 consignment split, drop things off anytime priced and ready to go, check back in January for your cash) or stop by the store.

p.s. Speaking of LA crafting — don’t miss the fabulous interview that Natalie of CRAFT just did with Cathy of California!

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