Craft Lab! September 24, 2006

Quick, set your tivo and tune on in — Craft Lab premieres today on the DIY network! Here’s the schedule of upcoming shows — it’s on every weekday, with a different cool craft project featured daily… from recycled papermaking to cake decor like you’ve never seen before.

craft lab chocolates
I heart Craft Lab

Craft Lab’s host, the fabulous Jennifer Perkins, says, “We did so many different projects the first season my head was spinning. And the best part is, I get to play along as the host, I don’t just stand there and smile. Now, there were some crafts I was better at than others. Is my husband going to ask me to airbrush his drum kit anytime soon? Probably not. However, at my next dinner party, I have I feel confident in my skills to carve a duck out of a summer squash. To me, that is what is so rad about the show — the diversity in the projects. I am one of those crafters with ADD, so Craft Lab and I are a perfect fit.”

me and Jennifer Perkins on the set of Craft Lab
Jennifer and me on her super cute set after our episode wrapped up

Last week I filmed a Valentine’s Day episode for CL’s Season 2 with Jennifer. We made a personalized handmade wooden box while our crafty sidekicks embellished a papier-mache box with rhinestones and trinkets. For our encore, we spotlighted handmade chocolates as an extra present. It was so much fun! I also got to go out for sushi with Jen and super-talented collage artist Claudine Hellmuth, who shot her episodes the day before and gave me lots of handy tips.

the final box for the show
the personalized box surrounded by handmade chocolates

Look for your crash course in box-making 101 in February 2008, but in the meantime there are 65 fresh episodes coming right up to tide you over! I can’t wait.

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