brooklyn craft company launch August 18, 2013

A huge thank-you to everyone who had nice things to say about my new book! I really appreciate it. It’s been a whirlwind weekend with the PNW MQG meet-up going on, and I made it to about half of the super fun events (the PMQG meeting complete with rainbow, Modern Domestic classes and party, the tail end of the charity quilting, dinner at the food carts, and Cool Cottons shopping!). It was so good to see everyone and pick out fabric and of course, learn the intricacies of sewing Jen’s quarter circles. Another thank-you to the fabulous students in my Patchwork to Publishing class, which was a very fun hour, and I hope to be reading all of your books one of these days too!

Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 10.49.51 PM

I also wanted to share a super wonderful new project with you today – my friend Brett’s new endeavor, Brooklyn Craft Company. She is creating a brand-new DIY and craft space for everything from “sewing to printmaking, macrame to mixology, and terrariums to knitting” (which you can get some peeks at above) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and raising funds for the launch through a really sweet indiegogo campaign! The prizes are awesome – starting with a $5 contribution, you’ll receive a terrarium-making primer, and they just go up from there: any Straight Stitch Society pattern, a craft projects compilation, signed copies of Brett’s fantastic book, Brooklyn Craft Company tote bags, and generous gift certificates for classes at the space when it opens (among others).

I can’t wait to get my tote bag, and if you want to support a beautiful and innovative craft space (and get nicely rewarded for it) I encourage you to join her campaign too! Stay tuned for updates on the opening party, too. I’m hoping to get back to New York in the spring and come visit in person!

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