new year, new iron January 9, 2013

Just as I started to piece the first couple improv letters for the back of our PMQG Quiltcon charity quilt, I realized that my trusty iron was stone-cold – broken beyond repair with a major crack in the side. Wow.

new year, new iron

My friend Mary let me snap hers up to finish the project on the fly, and Michelle has graciously offered to lend me her back-up iron for the next little bit… but if you have a favorite brand or model to recommend, a helpful post or review to link to, or any other iron-choosing suggestions, I would love to hear about them! I sew a lot, mostly quilting cotton and wool, and would love to buy local (Portland, Oregon, USA).

Hope your sewing has been less fraught than mine lately!

PS – I finished the improv letters thanks to the magic of the borrowed iron, and handed them off to Anne to add to with some awesome blocks she made, and I really love how it has all turned out. More on those soon!

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