QfQ shipment sent! yay! April 27, 2011

I’m so happy that my partner Daniela and I got to ship 30 beautiful quilts to the Patchwork Tsushin drive yesterday – all made by dozens of awesome people here in Portland from generous donations of fabric, blocks, and quilt tops, locally and from all over the US and Canada!

our letter!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped so much donating or making for this project – we are so appreciative!

the shipment heading off to Seven Islands! victory!

Three big boxes packed full are on the way to Seven Islands, who is graciously sending them on to Japan to be distributed to those in need as gifts of comfort and friendship – and here they are…

Quilts for Quake Survivors - Japan Shipment all quilts!

It’s been a crazy busy spring for me so far, but this project has been so dear to my heart and worth every second.

Last three quilts that went into the shipping boxes

I got one last quilt (above!) bound yesterday afternoon during Everett’s nap, too late for the big collage, and it felt so good to finish one more beautiful piece – one that so many people contributed star blocks to, that I sashed at Cool Cottons and Cherri and Rachel quilted at Sew On, and I bound in one of my favorite polka-dot fabrics, to go to comfort someone who needs it. Daniela finished this one (below!) in about the same timeframe!

Last three quilts that went into the shipping boxes

An hour later they were both photographed, packed and shipped to California to start their long journey to Japan, joined by this gorgeous baby quilt Teresa made and delivered just in time to complete our set of 30 quilts.

Last three quilts that went into the shipping boxes

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who did so much.


We’re hoping to launch our Etsy shop with a beautiful collection of quilts for sale (plus some raffles at lovely local shops) very soon – those will all be a 100% fundraiser for Mercy Corps/Peace Winds Japan!

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