beautiful bag projects from MLCQ April 12, 2011

I promise I will be writing about something besides log cabin quilting soon (really!!) but I wanted to cross-post this gorgeous round-up of reader-made projects from my book site. Huge thank-you to everyone who’s made something cool and shared a photo in the MLCQ flickr pool – love them all so much!!! I wanted to especially spotlight some lovely bags that people have made the last few weeks… just click each photo to see more about them and their makers.

Yellow and gray is one of my absolute favorite color combinations, and this Gray Cross Bag by Elizabeth Hartman is stunning.

Modern Log Cabin Quilting in Gray Cross Bag

I love the higher contrast piecing (mine used the right and wrong sides of a single dark-red corduroy for a more subtle effect) and the yellow and white handmade binding tape that edges the strap – she shared some fun details in her book review post. Just gorgeous all the way around.

Gray Cross Bag

Another beautiful gray and yellow project I fell in love with is this Sunshine on a Cloudy Day version of the Everything In One Place Zip Bag by Sara of rhymeswithsp00n. She stitched it all up on a Friday night and snapped this pretty photo in the morning!

sunshine on a cloudy day

My friend Kayte also made an EIOP Zip Bag from colorful scraps, which she included a few darling photos of in her book review post. I love how the colors pop while staying such good neighbors, and I thought that the striped-scrap zipper pull was the sweetest touch!

everything-in-one-place zip bag by Kayte Terry!

And chloeandme made two different log cabin bags in similar fabrics – a soft-sided Drawstring Bag with a yellow, pink and green color mix,


and a more structured one-block zip pouch in the traditional Sunshine and Shadow color mix in yellow and green, with pretty hand-quilting details!


Thanks so much to everyone who’s shared their great log cabin quilt and project photos – I would love to spotlight yours if you want to add any to the MLCQ flickr pool! Coming up, I’ll be posting a round-up of quilts and pillows people have made so please let me know if you have a new project I could include… that would be awesome.

Huge thank-you to everyone who’s been so supportive and complimentary of the book! I am so glad that people are enjoying it – and making things from it!!

beautiful quilt by Rachel + Cherri + Kaci

PS: We’re in the middle of a big push for Quilts for Quake Survivors so we can donate our first round of quilts to Japan, and would love your help or your quilt blocks, tops or backs – we have two long-arm quilting bees coming up Thursday and Friday here in Portland! Details here. Thanks to everyone who has jumped in already, you’re the best!!

Daniela's quilt top

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