excited for tomorrow March 21, 2011

My book comes out tomorrow (!) and I had lots of plans for a big round-up post about all kinds of things but the day has flown by! So I will just post a few photos and links to things for now, and will be back tomorrow with a giveaway extraordinaire courtesy of Bolt Fabric Boutique.

Box full of Modern Log Cabin Quiltings

First, my heartfelt thanks to the 8 super-generous people last week who bought copies of Modern Log Cabin Quilting to benefit earthquake relief in Japan. I am so thankful for your kindness. I opened up my box of brand-new books and picked out the very first one for my mom, and then packaged up the next eight to go live with awesome people. I’m so happy to report that after I rounded up a bit and my husband’s company matched the sales 100%, I was able to donate $400 to the Red Cross! Thank you!!

The first copy was for my mom

So if you happen to see a copy of the book out in the world at a bookstore or a library this week, the message I wrote to her will make sense as soon as you flip the title page…

Speaking of Modern Log Cabin Quilting, I am so delighted that my dear neighborhood fabric store, Cool Cottons, is hosting the very first stop on my blog book tour today! They’re giving away a signed copy of the book and following up today’s post with a whole week of log cabin quilt posts for good measure. So lovely, thank you, Pam, Marie, and Alyssa!

Now some quick links – the baby is waking up…


-We’ve added lots more info to the Quilts for Quake Survivors blog and would love to see you at a quilting bee coming up! If you want to donate fabric, spread the word, or start up some QfQ sewing events in your area, we would LOVE that. Thank you!

Alicia has a beautiful post full of ways to help support handmade fundraisers for Japan earthquake relief.

-I bought some $10 raffle tickets over at Hearts and Hands For Japan and super encourage anyone else who’d like to to do the same! All proceeds go to Shelterbox + Save the Children.

Hearts + Hands for Japan

See you tomorrow with a book + fabric giveaway and the whole blog tour unveiled. I am so grateful for the crafters and quilters who are supporting the book release with their posts over the next few weeks!

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