introducing Everett November 24, 2010

I’m so happy to announce that my little boy Everett came along on November 8th and has been a total delight every minute since. He’s so sweet and cuddly and Pearl has been a stellar big sister! We’ve had our hands full trying to keep up with two kids but it’s been an adventure already.

Baby Everett on his Bright Furrows quilt

Potter Craft sent me back the Bright Furrows quilt I made for him after the photo shoot (it’s the 25th and final design I made for Modern Log Cabin Quilting, which I started on after I found out I was pregnant) and I’ve never been happier to unite a craft project with its owner! The whole time I was piecing and quilting it, I pictured him using it as a cuddly nap blanket and for picnics and playing in the backyard, but seeing him with it for the first time was awesome. I think he likes it.

Baby Everett wrapped up in his Bright Furrows quilt

I hope everyone who celebrates this week has a lovely holiday! See you next week!

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