kittens and popsicles July 19, 2010

I’m super excited at Ethel’s news this week: Portland’s beloved Knittn Kitten has a new Etsy shop — perfect for those who can’t get to the brick and mortar shop often enough!

Treasures at Knittn Kitten

In other news, I made these lovely raspberry-yogurt popsicles this week after we picked berries a couple times, and they have been a huge hit. Two thumbs up for sure. Next I want to try Caitlin‘s trick of using blueberries instead — and speaking of, I made this all-time favorite again last week (with Pearl’s help) and it was amazing as always.


Once summer finally kicked in around here, it’s been so nice to be outside. I’m happy to have lots of squash flowers and four baby zucchinis (and counting, hopefully), a whole bunch of green tomatoes coming along, more kale than we can keep up with, and a freezer full of berries. Two-year-olds and relaxing stretches of sewing time aren’t so compatible, but cooking with my little apprentice has been fun lately!

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