kitten crafts revisited October 14, 2009

Wow, this week (month? however long?) has been crazy and I have been hoping to find the time to post about some stuff I’m excited about, but that has been in very short supply. I have a big deadline November 1 and after that I hope to resurface and actually make some fun things and write about them! Thankfully Pearl’s Halloween costume is already done (in personal record-setting time thanks to CRAFT:) and the 14 pounds of apples I haven’t made applesauce with yet will keep for awhile. I have high hopes for November!

The Knittn Kitten

In the meantime, I went to the Knittn Kitten last week with Benedikta and got a good look at some of the new free craft patterns! Ethel has arranged them all around the shop so you can see the finished projects in their natural habitat. There are still free pattern sheets for all of the crafts to date up for grabs, so no worries if you couldn’t make it to the store until now…

This week’s new project is Joelle Groendes‘ appliqued kitty bag! So cute.


There are also Diane‘s pretty patchwork tea towels in the fabric section,

patchwork dishtowels in their natural habitat

Teresa‘s fancy hairpins near the seed beads,

beaded hairpins in their natural habitat

and Heather‘s striking statement necklace with the jewelry findings.

statement necklaces in their natural habitat

And my pattern sheet will be over there as of the 27th — here’s a sneak peek at my project on the vintage fabric table!

button pincushions in their natural habitat

I made some super simple button square pincushions using some favorite prints, corduroys, and buttons from a long-ago Kitten haul. You can see some of the current vintage treasures in the mix now — any of those patterns would be so cute with a button or two mixed in.

And by the way, if you’re not within range of the Kitten, we are planning to put together an ebook of all the patterns sometime next month! More on that soon.

p.s. The library has posted a podcast of the Crafty Writers Talking event last month that Diane, Alicia and I were part of — thank you again to the library for organizing the talk and to all of the crafty folks who came to it!

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