hip holsters July 6, 2009

My Queen Bee hip holster is my go-to bag these days. It holds all the essentials and it’s lightweight, streamlined, cute, and hands-free (extra useful if you are wrangling a toddler, a couple of bags of groceries, or a box full of the complete 20-volume set of Make It Yourself… all of which I have had to wrangle in the last week). And even though yes, it is a hip pack, it does not scream 80s revival!! which is very important to me since I lived through the 80s the first time in middle school, with braces, and I just can’t go back. Anyway…

hip holster + hip holster

At Kate’s opening at Reading Frenzy last week, she was generous enough to live-draw a recent purchase or favorite small thing for each person there, so I got her to illustrate my hip holster! Thank you, Kate!

hip holster + hip holster

It is such a fantastic show! Be sure and stop by this month and check out all the daily drawings and banners and pennants and posters and zines. There is a ton of stuff to see, I’m going back this week for a second look.

Kate's banners and pennants at Reading Frenzy

And if you’re a hip holster fan too, they are all on sale right now! Mine is the sugarbush design, but I also especially like hello! and sprout.

knitting tag on a bike rack by Powell's

p.s. While you’re downtown visiting Reading Frenzy, take a detour down the Couch St. sidewalk edging the Powell’s building, near the Orange Room — someone tagged a bike rack with this colorful striped knitting and it looks awesome! Bonus points for the cute little red tricycle that was locked up next to it on Friday.

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