button it up at Maker Faire! May 28, 2009

Well, the good news is that Button It Up will be at Maker Faire this weekend! Yay!

Button It Up at Maker Faire!

Somewhat more of a bummer is that I won’t be there myself. I was so excited to go, and then instead of the family vacation we’d planned, things downgraded to me wrangling a lively toddler solo while flying, button-ing, and Maker Faire-ing. So I had to regretfully cancel my own plans, but lucky for me, my lovely friend (and bona fide button hairclip expert and book contributor) Diane Gilleland offered to teach my demo! So I brought over a box of buttons and a bunch of other sparkly bits

buttons in search of their hairclips

and I know it will be awesome!

I am so grateful that she is going to lead the crafty half-hour of power — and that CRAFT: will be selling copies of my book in the Maker Shed. I really appreciate the support for my book and my crafts — thank you to Diane and everyone at Maker Faire, especially Natalie, Rachel, and Dan, for making it happen with me a whole state away!

All the details for the Buttoning It Up demo are here, and it is in the Craft Demo area from 4-4:30 on Sunday afternoon. If you’re at the Faire, I hope you’ll stop by and make yourself something pretty!

I can’t believe how many amazing demos are going on , and I would love to see what you make if you stop by any of them! I’ll be glued to the CRAFT: blog and flickr to see some peeks at the awesomeness.

Diane's Maker Notebooks for Maker Faire!

Diane will be teaching this cool little Maker Notebook project at the Provo Craft booth. Stop by and make a whole bunch of good things with her, Michaela, Jennifer and Jeff.

Cathy Callahan will be teaching Vintage-Inspired Paper-Mache — so cool.

I would love to know a few of Kathy Cano Murillo’s Secret Tips for Using Craft Supplies!

and I’m sure Michaela Murphy’s Kids Crafts: Story-Telling will be amazing too.

And in the world of needle arts (a personal favorite of mine), there are so many incredible workshops: Rachel Hobson’s Embroidery 101, Bonnie Burton’s Star Wars Sock Puppets, Craft Leftovers’ Mending 101, and Moxie’s Plush Monsters. Wow!

Okay, I’m already getting excited for Maker Faire 2010!

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