busting out your buttons with Jennifer Perkins! May 21, 2009

I wanted to mention over here that the lovely and talented Jennifer Perkins has posted a book review and giveaway for Button It Up, plus an interview she did with me about button shopping, button-stash organizing, crafting with a Pearl in tow, and some of my favorite recent projects.

Cathy of California on the Martha Stewart show!

You can enter to win a copy of the book by next Tuesday right here… thanks so much, Jennifer!

The other big news around here is that we’ve already started eating greens out of the garden! I wish I had some good photos to show, but we always eat dinner so late that the light is scarce and nothing looks that great. Maybe this weekend I can make something cool during the day. My five-year-old self would be shocked that I am voluntarily eating (and growing!) collard greens, after the much-hated three bites I always had to have at holiday dinners, but they are so good. I really didn’t like collards at all until I was 24 years old, I still remember the amazing dinner that converted me.

giant collard greens

Also exciting (to me at least) is that I joined Ravelry and found some button groups to hang out in! I have exactly two finished objects to my name (which is susanstars, if anyone wants to be crafty buddies over there) and maybe three more I haven’t taken photos of. Yes, I’ve been knitting for nine years, why do you ask?

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