two things that don’t have much to do with each other May 18, 2009

…except that I like both of them, I guess.

Our garden is kind of freaking out, in the best way. The combination of nice steady south-side sun, decent rain now and then, and some plain good luck has turned our formerly teeny snap peas, Red Russian kale and collard greens into giants! I took this photo on Friday right after I put in the tomatoes and peppers (at the back), exactly four weeks after I planted these little guys.

Day 1:

garden - week 1

Day 28:

garden - week 4


giant red russian kale


giant collard greens

Yay! We’re really happy about it. I’ve had a gray thumb (that’s a charitable description, actually) for years and it’s really fun to see the garden come along after last year’s in the back yard didn’t really like us much (probably something to do with the late planting, unexpectedly crappy soil, over-shadiness, and total amateur approach in general). We’re going to pick some greens for the first time today!

On a totally different front, I just did a jewelry project for CraftStylish that I wanted to share over here.

Revamped Sparkle Necklace

I haven’t had time to make much jewelry lately (nor wear any, with my quick-grabbing toddler on the case) so this was fun — I took apart an old necklace I never wore and turned it into a necklace and earrings set.

Revamped Sparkle Earrings

Maybe I’ll wear it while we’re eating our fresh greens…

p.s. thanks for the nice comments and emails, I am going to whip up some teeny terrarium kits and offer them up later this week!

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