sewing euphoria! April 13, 2009

Months and months go by and I don’t manage to get anything sewn at all, but this one little week has been so exciting sewing-wise! Two fun tutorials I did just went up, and I made Pearl a crafty little Easter basket, too. Triumph x 3 after a very long drought! If you’re in the mood to sew some little things for the babies in your life here are some fun, easy projects you might like to try.

appliqued shirts and handmade pants!

On Friday, the always-awesome CRAFT: blog posted my Woodgrain Baby Gifts article and how-to. I loved doing this one and I am so happy to see it out in the world!

swaddling blankets!

I made two sets of apple-and-branch appliqued muslin swaddling blankets, burp cloths, shirts, and matching pants (using my beloved Burda 9772). I love appliqueing and mixing fabrics, and it was nice to make some cute things for Pearl to grow into… and the swaddling blanket and burp cloth combination is my go-to new baby gift, so now I have some all set for the next baby-to-be in our world!

burp cloths!

And on Sunday, my CraftStylish tutorial for making a soft, baby-friendly felt owl with a bonus crinkly surprise inside went up, too.

Pearl and her new crinkly owl!

Pearl loves grabbing things that crinkle and crackle, so I recycled two wipes packages into the secret ingredient inside… and when I surprised her with it she immediately grabbed it and squeezed away so I knew it was a success.

Pearl and her new crinkly owl!

And he fit so nicely into her Easter basket yesterday morning, too!

Pearl's first Easter basket!

I seem to be kind of a holiday-crafting mother so far, and as usual I am loving felt above all other materials. I used it for the broom and Griffyndor emblem for her Harry Potter Halloween costume, and for her Christmas stocking, and now it’s the star this time around too. The Easter bunny stopped at Powell’s for some favorite books and then scooped up my treasured chocolate bunny from jekbot and last week’s owl, and added some new little treats: pinked felt Easter eggs I decorated with ribbons and rick-rack!

Pearl's first Easter basket!

These are super simple to make. I just cut out matching ovals in different colors with pinking shears, used tacky glue to add ribbons and rick-rack, and sewed them together (leaving a space at the bottom for stuffing), trimmed the edges, and finished them up on Saturday afternoon.

felt Easter Eggs for Pearl!

Then on Easter morning, Pearl had the best time pulling every single thing out of the basket and playing with it all! I’m sure next year she’ll want to hunt for eggs and gather them all up, but this year she is all about taking things out of larger things, and having a lot of fun doing it. And of course relaxing with a bottle afterwards.

Easter basket aftermath

One more thing to add to this super long and very baby-centric post is that the yellow dress she’s wearing in the picture was mine as a baby, and the appliqued whale dress is the one and only thing I made for her while I was pregnant, so it’s been extra fun for me to see my big girl crawling around cheerfully grabbing owls and Easter eggs wearing some of my favorite things. She is so sweet lately.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!

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