catching up… April 8, 2009

This weekend (the Handmade Nation premiere and panel, Crafty Wonderland‘s big 3rd birthday, lovely crafty friends in town, the Final Four games and Carolina’s victory, the Blazers clinching the playoffs) was amazing but I am in a whirlwind of tying up loose ends and finishing work and planting things, and my writing just for fun has taken a back seat… so I am very eager to write up the movie and the craftiness and everything else but I think it’s going to be tomorrow. Or Friday. Or sometime soon!

Anyway, here is what I do have to say in the meantime…

my mini-planters

I made a fun little mini-planter project for CraftStylish that I really like — the little row of sugar star peas and red Russian kale dudes look so cheerful on our porch!

my mini-planters

My beloved North Carolina Tar Heels won it all on Monday — congratulations to Michigan State on a great season and a fantastic tournament run, but I was happy to see my team have a phenomenal game! Pearl and I celebrated wearing our finest Carolina t-shirts on a lovely sunny afternoon in the front yard. She is getting so tall and I cannot believe she will be one (one!!) next month.

me and Pearl in the front yard

And in addition to all the other wonderfulness going on, Pearl learned how to crawl (yay! cutest thing ever) and my life just sped up accordingly. Here she is, wearing a sun hat that was mine as a baby, en route to untying my tantalizingly tied sneaker.

Pearl crawls towards me!

Anyway, I’ll be back soon with crafty (and hopefully even gardening) updates and I will see you then!

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