buttons + grab bags + events March 12, 2009

Hey! I hope you can stand one more round of cross-posting over here and yes, a little more button talk. I’ve been trying to do most of it over at the Button It Up site, but since my first book event is next week(!) I wanted to officially invite you all to come make crafty things with me:

Button Crafts at Powell's + Bolt!

I finally made a little dedicated events page (why I didn’t think to just do that earlier is unclear; what can I say, having five sites keeps me a little too busy sometimes) so some further-out crafty things I’ll be doing are stashed there too: button-crafting at Maker Faire (Bay Area), Home Ec (Los Angeles), Urban Craft Uprising (Seattle), and hopefully a few more in the mix too.

So if you aren’t in Portland, I might be coming your way sometime soon! I never really got to travel with Bead Simple, what with the whole late-pregnancy/newborn thing, so I am really happy to do some fun book events in some favorite places now.

And for anyone out of town who is interested, I thought I’d put together a little bonus pack of the Portland book events projects to go with signed copies of my book in my Etsy shop. So if you want to buy a book, I will also send you a little random button assortment and two blank hairpins to get your first project started as a thank-you!

bonus crafty duo: signed book + buttons + hairclips for your first project!

Okay, I’m off to finish up some work, do some chores, and take some project photos while it’s actually sunny out [another (!) here for sure]. I hope you’re having a nice Thursday!

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