Cathy! Martha! Lilly! March 11, 2009

Wow, I just saw Cathy‘s episode of the Martha Stewart Show and it was just wonderful! Cathy was fantastic — she and Martha made ribbon straw flowers (you can see a written how-to here and find Cathy’s vintage loom kits here) and chatted, we got to see Martha draw and watercolor a new Lilly Pulitzer print, and there was a little fashion show of the new line. And I got to see Kayte and Meredith looking gorgeous in their vintage Lillys in the audience, too!

It was such an amazing show! If you missed it live, here are a few of my quick snapshots…

Martha designs a new Lilly print:

Meredith and Kayte in the audience, wearing lovely Lilly dresses:

Everyone in the audience got a pair of Lilly sandals to take home with them!

Meredith and Kayte again!

Cathy’s inspiration board of vintage flowers…

One of her vintage flower how-to booklets – Martha loved this one:

And Cathy’s segment! She and Martha made loomed ribbon straw flowers together, it was fantastic.

Martha wrapping the straw around the loom…

And finishing up her first flower!

I got to wear one of my favorite Lillys for the occasion — a patchwork wrap skirt I found at the Rose Bowl flea market for $18! I made a little craft project for the occasion, too — just embellished an old flower-printed tin with some colorful little buttons. I was so inspired by Cathy’s craftiness, and I needed a good spot to keep my random buttons corralled, so watching this amazing and colorful show was the perfect chance to make a little something. I’m going to add some tinys to the little flower centers later…

Yay, Cathy!!

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