orla kiely revisited February 18, 2009

I got a few more pieces of Orla Kiely’s housewares stuff yesterday and I just love it. As a bonus, it inspired me to clean the dining room — it’s deteriorated into a piles-of-mail and stroller-debris world for the last while, and that stuff is not nearly as fun to look at as pears are.

dining room

tablecloth + placemats

While I would love to have the whole line to hang out with, in my crafty dreams at least, some of it (like the pear canisters, which I think are adorable) is not really Andrew’s thing, and it’s his house too. So I’ll be admiring everything pretty in the Orla Kiely pool instead. Half of it was gone from my Target by the time I got there anyway, so it’s cool to see what other people snapped up.

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