three little things to make January 26, 2009

I’m in a rush today so I thought I’d post links over to three tutorials I’ve done for CraftStylish recently… they’re all jewelry-making-related but I guess more embellish-y than anything else. Hope you like them!

beaded brooch

Yesterday’s how-to is one of my favorites lately: converting broken costume jewelry into a spiraled flower brooch. This is one of my favorites because it rescued two things gathering dust, a broken 50s beaded necklace and a swingy camel-hair coat (after a long everyday grind as my only maternity coat last winter, it has spent an uniterrupted hiatus in the back of the closet). I’ve worn it twice since it’s been fancied up and it feels a little bit new again.

recycled aluminum can craft storage

The one before that was craft room-related: adding a beaded “necklace” to a plain aluminum can for storing craft supplies (in my case, scissors, scissors, and more scissors — this is about half of my ridiculous collection).

winter wineglass charms

And to celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I made up some super-simple wineglass charms with some favorite bits and pieces from Ornamentea.

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