change is here! January 20, 2009

We watched the inauguration at home and had some lovely French toast (me and Andrew) and crunchies (Pearl). What a great morning! I loved the music, the moment of, the address after, and the poetry (which Melissa posted, it was so good to read it again). Pearl clapped with excitement for the new president while he was speaking, which was my favorite part too!

I put out photographs of my grandparents and my dad as it started, and lit candles to honor two other grandmothers. I thought that they would have loved to see this morning along with all of us.

my family who couldn't be here to see it

Pearl was excited!

Taking the oath

President Obama!

Just for fun, I obamiconed this picture of me holding Pearl in one hand and my ballot in the other in October. It seems like so long ago!


One last thing I wanted to mention, speaking of way back then: I finally got my celebratory election postcards gocco’ed after two false starts (due to faulty toner on my original images, it turns out) and I am planning to finish rounding up addresses and send them out this week! The last while has been a blur of deadlines and doctor’s appointments, but I am excited to pass them along to some of my crafty buddies who are also fans of #44.

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