a buffet of (sewer-sewist) goodness January 8, 2009

Sarah took me to the Blazers game last night (a surprising victory over the Pistons — woo hoo!) and surprised me with this excellent hand-screened Channing Frye shirt. So cool! I’m hoping it isn’t really cursed

Buffet of Goodness

In a nutshell for the crafty multitudes who are not Blazers fans, Channing kind of translates everything I love about Portland directly into human form. He is the star of the city recycling-rules booklet, he enthuses about restaurants he checks out, he loves to go to the coast, and he blogs about all these things. After a strong start, he has not had an easy time of it in the Blazers rotation lately, though, and I worry that he’s going to be traded soon. What can I say, I like the guy, and I love the current Blazers line-up just as it is (with Martell Webster and Brandon Roy back from injuries soon, knock on wood) so I’m hoping against hope that the trade deadline comes and goes with no action taken, and a revitalized #44 in the mix. Sarah has much, much more to say about this, with a lot more context, so I’ll just send you over to her and to this great Willamette Week article.

Back to crafts: be sure and check out all the screenprinting projects the unstoppable sewer-sewist crafty duo have pulled off lately, along with the eponymous sewing, Obama-ing, and skateboard revamping. Awesome!

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