treasures from a snowy Sunday December 15, 2008

Well, this has officially been the strangest December I’ve seen in twelve years in Portland and there’s still half the month to go. It was weirdly warm and pleasant (and dry – ???) for the first few weeks, and then yesterday morning, it switched up with a vengeance:

Snowy Sunday!

It snowed like crazy for the whole morning with some blustery diagonal winds for good measure. We stayed cozy inside and I made Christmas decorations and sweet potato biscuits, looking out the window every few minutes to make sure that yes, it really was snowing. It was so pretty! I was so hoping to get to Crafty Wonderland but not about to drive in this slippery stuff, and there was no way I could bring Pearl along in this cold either. So I headed out with my fearless neighborhood companions Caitlin and Erin, and we slowly but surely got there on the bus, with the baby safely at home and our treasures waiting for us in the Convention Center!

My treasures from Crafty Wonderland!

I’m going to write up a full review for CraftStylish tomorrow, but here’s a peek at what I found! I put notes all over the flickr picture to mention who made each piece, if you’d like to see. Tomorrow’s post will have all the details and links for each person’s work. Anyway, it was a great event, the crafters were troopers, and thanks to Tri-Met I made it over — hooray! I got to hold new babies, say hi to old friends, and admire some really lovely things, many of which came home with me.

Speaking of CraftStylish, I wanted to mention that I have a super easy project up this week: a freezer paper stenciled pillowcase project that’s suitable for a nephew or other superhero in your life. You can adapt this to any taste or style and it’s a very fun afternoon of cutting, painting, and button-sewing.

nephew-approved pillowcase

In a final bit of excitement, I’m happy to pass on the news that Ork Posters has released her brand-new Portland map print! Yeah! I have been waiting for this day for so long. We snapped up the green one, but it was a tough choice, I kind of wanted to get all four colorways… I’ll post a photo once it’s here and triumphantly up on the wall.

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