and the winners are… December 11, 2008

Thank you so much for the comments with all your holiday craft ideas — it has been really fun to read them and I really appreciate people sharing their projects and links! So a bit after noon yesterday, I ran the number-picker and it gave me these folks:

and the winners are...

So the Softies Kit will go to Anne, who said: “I am having so much fun making felt food for some little ones and can’t wait to give it to them on Christmas! This is where I got the patterns. I’d love to win the Softies Kit!”

Little Stitches for Little Ones will go to Heather, who said: “That Amy Butler book looks lovely! You’ve inspired me to attempt sewing post-baby. I hope the recipient isn’t reading this, but I got all excited about the [censored just in case, see her original comment #35 if you are not the recipient and want to find out what it is] and make one. It was really easy and cute and now I keep thinking who else I make it for. I think that’s a mark of a good project, when you want to make more!”

And Fuzzy Felted Friends will go to Judi, who said: “I am crocheting fingerless gloves and matching scarfletts for my co-workers, and I have a couple of bead projects to finish still too, but it’s not Christmas yet!”

Thank you all for posting! That was super fun! I will email the folks who won and get addresses and etc.

I’ll add one last round of holiday crafting suggestions to the ones mentioned: CraftStylish is hosting a Gifts for the Bill Murray in Your Life craft-a-thon this week, spotlighting gifts for boys and men. My contribution (a secret something I made for my nephew Julian) is coming up this Sunday, but there are already plenty of great things posted there, and you might get some ideas for the most elusive of crafty gift recipients: the dude(s) on your handmade A-list.

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