altars and collages October 29, 2008

I have been struggling to get my mind off Halloween (I’m still not finished with Pearl’s costume, naturally) and the election (shirts and onesie sent out, donation made, and fingers crossed!) so I can put some thought into making my Day of the Dead altar this weekend. Easier said than done with the sticky factor of the other two things in question. But if you are also thinking about creating an altar, or would like to, I wanted to mention a craft project I posted over at CraftStylish this week: an embellished Day of the Dead collage to stand alone or incorporate into a larger shrine.

embellished collage piece for my altar

The tutorial gives lots more details, but I used some really amazing craft supplies from the Crafty Chica line, including an image from one of her Inspiration Cards, along with vintage bits and pieces and sparkly acrylic rhinestones. Of course, you can use any family photos, personal images, or details you like to make it your own…

embellished collage piece for my altar

I’ve been thinking about the other altars I’ve made for inspiration, now that we’re in (yet another) new place, and I wanted to share my photos from last year’s and the year before (I wasn’t such an obsessive photographer earlier in life, it seems like, and I can’t find any pre-2006 Day of the Dead pictures right now) and from a really awesome outing that Jessica, Cat and I made to Olvera St. when I still lived in LA. I’ll post some pictures when I do make my altar this weekend. After I finish knitting and sewing for Harry Potter’s wardrobe, and before the longest night of the year, that is…

the entire shrine

the center with a peek at the top

Day of the Dead altar 2007

Day of the Dead altar 2007

Union Station with flags

a family shrine

The three of us

Lots more pictures here.

p.s. in a completely unrelated pair of Northwest updates, I am excited and envious that Ork Posters has a new Seattle neighborhood map in five colorways! Portland is coming soon… I can’t wait.

And pumpkin shakes have arrived at Burgerville!

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