Screenprinting! for! Change! October 22, 2008

The screenprinting for change party was awesome! We had a capacity crowd of Obamans, printed up dozens and dozens of shirts, goccoed a round of cards for everyone, and raised a couple hundred dollars for the Obama campaign. Sarah and Josh even shipped 24 pounds of specially designed and printed Ohio shirts off as a thank-you to the tireless volunteers there.

So here is a little photo post from the party… thank you to Caitlin for lending me the Gocco pictures she took!

First, a magnificent green Barack shirt being screened (I like the peek at the screen itself in the third pic), from start to finish.

Barack t-shirt being screen-printed!

A clothesline of shirts drying in the sun (perfect weather, awesome) — an Ohio shirt is in the center. That design is so rad.

Clothesline of screened shirts

Caribou for Biden!

Caribou for Biden!

After a first round of screenprinting shirts, onesies and fabric I set up my Gocco printer, burned a screen with my postcard design, and gave a little demo — super fun.

Everyone loves gocco!

Here’s one of the finished cards (on Caitlin’s fridge)…

My gocco postcard from the party

Sarah also hand-cut some stencils out of Tyvek and we printed up lots of those. My favorites were the HOPE (sample print shown here) and baby-sized Obama circle:

Sarah's hand-cut stencils

And those are the ones we printed shirts for me and Pearl with!

Me and Pearl in our new shirts


So, I’m guessing if you got this far you are an Obama fan as well, and I’m offering up a mini-giveaway as a thank-you for sticking with me while I enthuse about politics. I have five little Yes We Can! packages to send out: a red-and-gold Obama postcard from the run we printed this weekend and a Nikki McClure VOTE! poster (which you can also order for free from Buy Olympia following that link). Just leave a comment on this post by Sunday night at midnight (10/26) and I’ll pick five people on Monday, and send them out after that.

Yes we can!

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