Monday already? September 22, 2008

Before I start in with a chatty weekend-and-crafty post I wanted to follow up and mention that the daisy chain tutorial I wrote is up on CraftStylish if you’d like to check it out… grade-school crafting redux!

Wow, this weekend was over way too quickly, and Monday crept up fast. We were out and about a lot now that I think about it. Pearl and I volunteered on Friday afternoon to register people to vote, outside the Race for the Cure registration, which was great. Thank you to the eight people who took the time to update their addresses or register in Oregon for the first time, before picking up their triumphant t-shirts and race stuff! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table to say hi and that they were excited to vote (yay)! And huge congratulations to each of the racers and the Komen organization for another wonderful and super-successful fundraiser.

On Saturday, we walked all the way up and down Hawthorne to browse a bunch of our favorite vintage furniture stores for cool stuff, and finished the afternoon with a trip to the soaking pool and a dinner for four adults and two four-month-old girls (always a risk factor — but it turned out to be pretty easy, especially since we outnumbered them) at Bernie’s Southern Bistro, which I have always wanted to try as a bona fide Southern girl. It was good, even by my picky Southern standards! And then we had to get an ice cream cone at the end of the night (I picked Cascade Glacier’s Huckleberry Heaven — which was delicious!). Yesterday, we went to Sellwood to walk around, waited out a very long, very un-Oregon wild rainstorm with a slice of pizza, and picked up a 1970s Fisher-Price Activity Center that I used to have for Pearl. She already loves it and bats wildly at the spinning parts and the bell.

Today I am making a huge batch of tomato sauce following Amanda’s awesome recipe,

our first tomato!

working on some things and finishing another project for next Sunday’s CraftStylish tutorial post (hint: it involves jewelry-izing one of these favorites),

my buttons

…and making my gocco screens for the postcard party!

Oregon Gocco Prints

Speaking of gocco: I noticed in my stats that my post from over a year ago has been getting a lot of looks these days as (sadly) gocco printers and supplies are on the wane again. I’m going to do some research and try to find some good resources and stores to recommend and write up a fresh new post as soon as I can. Long live gocco!

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