more whales and more onesies August 19, 2008

Last fall I embellished some onesies and t-shirts for a friend’s baby, which was a super fun little project. I fused them with steam-a-seam and then zig-zagged around the edges to seal the deal:

two whale appliques

Yesterday, I was working on a bigger sewing project and found myself with a few minutes and a few leftover fabric scraps, so I decided to make Pearl a couple of things too! I’ve been collecting plain onesies and t-shirts (the pink striped one was secondhand from Children’s Exchange, the white one was from Dharma Trading) and it was fun to finally do a couple of appliques. I made them the same way as I described in last year’s mini-tutorial.

whale shirt and onesie

For this round, I haven’t stitched the edges yet — I thought I’d wash them once and see what happened. The edges seem pretty secure right now. Zig-zagging would be a bit trying on the teeny curves and angles on the pink whales, so if I do sew them I might just straight-stitch anyway.

Last week I made a little pair of pants (using Burda 9772) in the same green strawberry fabric I used for the larger whale applique, so once Pearl grows into the shirt she’ll have a little set! Yes, I am a crafty nerd. And obsessed with whales.

And I’m sure it goes without saying, but I sewed the buttons down to within an inch of their lives!

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