some things that happened this week August 6, 2008

I got some more sewing done: a set of swaddling blankets for a friend’s baby! The single most useful thing we have for Pearl is a good swaddling blanket so I wanted to make some muslin ones for summer. I’m planning to write up a tutorial next week if anyone else wants to stitch some up.

hand-sewn swaddling blankets

We went out for ice cream and I was really pleased to see that Baskin-Robbins has not changed their hot-fudge labels since I was a child going to the one at Cameron Village for a treat (always a mint chocolate chip cone). I have to say I love this 70s design… I’m not such a fan of the “BR” logo.

our trip to Baskin-Robbins

We actually grew some things in our garden! Now we have four tiny green tomatoes and one in-progress pepper. I’m not sure if anyone would believe me without photographic evidence, so here is the very first one:

our first tomato!

And our pink dahlias are blooming — they came with the house, so I can’t take any credit for them, but they are lovely.

pink dahlia

I’ll also post some pictures of my new craft room next week… I’m so excited about it.

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