a nice Sunday afternoon July 21, 2008

Yesterday I had the honor of teaching a jewelry-making project at the last meeting of the Portland Church of Craft. It was a lovely get-together with lots of sparkly earrings to show for it, as well as some unexpected treats: fresh raspberries Sally brought from Dennison Farms and a bag full of vintage baby dresses Bridget brought for Pearl!

Diane did a wonderful job making everyone feel welcome, as always, and it was a very sweet afternoon. I snapped a quick picture of about half of the attendees in their new earrings — a lot of people polished off the craft project and left to enjoy the sunshine before I got it together to take a photo…

Portland Church of Craft - July 2008

Diane also posted more about Church of Craft over at craftypod today, and I loved her description of the meeting: “a good wrap-up for a project that has enriched my life immeasurably.”

After we got home, Andrew and I took Pearl on a long walk around the neighborhood and then had a mini-barbecue in the backyard. We just got our first-ever grill last week and we’re pretty addicted to it already.


The salmon we made yesterday was pretty much the best I’ve ever had in my life. We also grilled a fresh zucchini from our neighbor’s garden (thank you, Carol!) — our own garden is still pretty mellow.

dinner outside

Pearl entertained us the whole time as always… she’s cooing and talking up a storm and she’s gotten so good at putting her hands in her mouth! Her cute little pearls onesie was a gift from her crafty aunts, Cathy and Torie.

Pearl finding her hand

Today I got my work done in the morning, so we’re going for another long walk and doing some sewing (if I can get the whacked-out tension on my machine to cooperate — ugh).

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