okay, back again June 30, 2008

Okay, I’m back for good this time after yet another break due to my adorable baby and my substantial workload — I turned the tide on my current round of freelance jobs late last week and wow, it felt so good to have everything pressing finished up! I’ve really missed getting to write over here, and I even have a few things to post about later this week — some things I’ve been working on and some stuff I’m excited about. Pearl is doing so well, she’s almost 8 weeks old and almost 13 pounds and just started smiling a few weeks ago! She’s just delightful these days.

I’ve been longing to do some sewing, just for fun… something I have not accomplished in the calendar year that we’re over halfway through. Yikes. So I took Pearl on her first trip to the fabric store last week — we went to Cool Cottons, my favorite spot in Portland.

Pearl got to meet my lovely friend and co-owner Pam, which was sweet! She slept peacefully most of the visit. Obviously she finds crafty things very relaxing.
Pam and Pearl at Cool Cottons

Meanwhile, I chose these four prints for my next round of projects. I’m so excited to do some fun stuff with these…
Fabrics from Cool Cottons

And Pam surprised us with an absolutely gorgeous baby quilt she and her partner Marie made for Pearl. It’s a whole slew of vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabrics from Key West Handprints mixed with a few new fabrics from the shop. It’s so beautiful — I cried when I opened it. I love vintage Lilly and I am sure that Pearl will too.
Baby quilt that Pam and Marie made for Pearl

The fabrics are just amazing. Love them!
Close-up of a few of the squares

Afterwards, we walked on over to Hot Lips and had a slice and a raspberry soda — a perfect summer afternoon.

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