cute as a button bracelets at the CRAFT: party! June 2, 2008

I’m super tired so this is going to be pretty quick… but I wanted to show some pictures of the fantastic handmade cute as a button bracelets from the CRAFT: party Diane and I co-hosted yesterday. People made such cool ones — it was really fun to see all the color combinations!


Michaela and Elliott came down from Seattle to hang out and make bracelets at the craft table…


…and Diane and I got to give away some great door prizes — we had so much cool stuff that we did a drawing every twenty minutes, which was really fun!


I was teaching at the craft table, or cuddling Pearl during her little visit, for most of the afternoon, so I don’t have too many pictures of the rest of the party — all of mine are here if you want to see, though! For a longer (and much better) recap, check out Diane’s post and photos from today, too.

Thanks to everyone who came by, and as always a huge thank you to our volunteers for being so great and to Twisted — such a fantastic venue!

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