Wednesday round-up March 12, 2008

Nothing new from me today, just a bunch of stuff in progress, but I wanted to highlight a few cool things to check out in other places:

•Yesterday’s Oregonian had a great article on Crafty Wonderland with some nice quotes from Cathy and Torie and a shout-out to Super Crafty (yay!) plus a mention of my fave t-shirt of all time, the Bezerk(er). According to the unbreakable law covering any newspaper or magazine article about crafts, the phrases “keeping Portland weird,” “not your grandma’s _______,” and “post-punk” were all included (not to be snarky — it is awesome that cool events are getting coverage — but I honestly think it’s funny to hear the same catchphrases!).

Next month (April 13) is the second anniversary of the sale so there will be extra awesome birthday stuff going on, don’t miss it! I am planning to be there in full 9-month effect, unless the baby has other ideas.


Kristen of Plush You! has done a really cool interview with Heather of CROQ which includes a fantastic giveaway of CROQ issues for three lucky winners! Don’t miss it. Hooray for CROQ and Plush You!

•I found out yesterday that if you visit the Burgerville website and sign up for their mailing list, you get a coupon for a free chocolate hazelnut milkshake. Definitely jump on that if you’re in Oregon or Washington, and if you’re not, you better plan a trip out here!

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