art shows galore this week March 6, 2008

Tonight and tomorrow night kick off two art shows I’ve been looking forward to for months! Such a fun weekend ahead. Both shows are up for the rest of March if you don’t make it to the openings themselves, too.


First up is “I Heart Mr. T,” a group show honoring the great man himself!

I Heart Mr. T. at Moshi Moshi

Greg says, “First off, Levi and Tripper have organized an I {heart} Mr. T Art Show to open on this First Thursday, March 6th, 6-9pm, on the west side of town at the NEW Moshi-Moshi (916 W. Burnside St., 97209). Levi came up with the idea of donating 20% of all art sales to go towards the Buckman Elementary’s Opal Creek Scholarship Fund, which helps his fellow 5th graders attend the annual overnight outdoor school.” There are dozens of artists in the show from Portland, including Lucy Berkley, Levi Pitters, Cathy Pitters, Greg Pitters, Tripper Dungan, and Justin “Scrappers” Morrison.

I’m so excited to see all the artwork — I am a huge fan of Mr. T.! Andrew worked on an Oregon Lottery commercial with him years ago, and I sent along a fan letter to him while they were on set. Andrew brought me back an awesome autographed photo of him that says “To Susan, Stay Sweet” on it and it is one of my treasures! I have to find it and snap a picture… a lot of our cool stuff is still in boxes, unfortunately.


I love Lisa Congdon‘s work and I am so looking forward to her Little Souvenirs show at Redux.

Lisa Congdon's Little Souvenirs at Redux

Lisa says, “The show opens this Friday, March 7 at 6 pm and the party will go until 9:30 (there is also an amazing opening at The Grass Hut next door at the same time, so it should be a good evening.) Work will be for sale beginning Friday and can be purchased over the phone or in person. For phone sales, please reference the names of the pieces here. You can call the shop at 503.231.7336 to inquire and/or complete transactions. If you come by the opening, please say hello to me. I am very nice and do not bite. And I like to meet new people!”

Hope to see you at one of them… or at Velveteria on Saturday, or the CRAFT: release party or at Crafty Wonderland on Sunday!

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