my newest project January 23, 2008

On a personal note, I am very happy to make a pretty big announcement: Andrew and I are expecting a baby girl in late April! So far everything has been going really well, and I feel very lucky. And I’m so glad that we’re settled into the new house now that I’m six months along… the last few months have been pretty hectic, to say the least!

I had such a great time in California this weekend — after a fun day out and about button shopping in the East Bay, I got to go up the coast with a group of crafty friends to hang out for the long weekend. We all originally met on the glitter boards at getcrafty seven or eight years ago, and have been friends ever since. And while we were at our rental house, these sweet girls threw me a crafty baby shower one afternoon, complete with beautiful homemade cupcakes!

It was just lovely. There was a craft table all set up with a sewing machine, stencils, fabric paint, embroidery thread, and fabrics, and everyone embellished colorful hand-dyed onesies, shirts, bibs and booties. I came home with a bag full of cute little things — I still can’t believe it.

crafty baby shower embellished pieces!

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to make anything for her myself yet… and with two more long trips and a big work deadline next month, that’s what March is for, hopefully. But now she has this beautiful collection of clothes and I feel so, so spoiled. Thank you so much, ladies.

And speaking of thank yous, I am just thrilled that people are liking the sneak peek at Bead Simple! I really appreciate the very kind comments and responses I’ve been getting. I can’t tell you how much the cool, supportive people in the online crafty world mean to me, and I feel so lucky to have a chance to return the favor whenever I can. So thanks again!

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