birthday books January 16, 2008

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes last week! I had a really nice day — pretty relaxed, which was exactly how I wanted it. We ended up going to Burgerville for lunch, seeing Juno, finding a vintage couch at Era in Sellwood, and going out to the Farm for dinner. Then I finally got my cupcakes on Sunday (I like to stretch my birthdays out a bit) from Saint Cupcake… divine.

And I was very lucky to get a whole stack of amazing books as birthday presents!

Atomic Ranch + the Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest

Andrew read my mind with eerie precision (ten years together will do that, I guess!) and surprised me with The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest, a book I had been longing for after flipping through it at Powell’s. It’s absolutely beautiful. He also gave me Atomic Ranch, which I had out of the library — I’m really excited to have my own copy to pore over. Our house was built in 1949-1950 so it is very inspiring to see what other people do with their spaces.

Mid-Century Modern

And speaking of house ideas, my in-laws (with a little help from Andrew, too) gave me Mid-Century Modern, which is another gorgeous collection with great ideas for mixing 1950s and 60s pieces with other eras, which I love doing.

simple & natural + Scandinavian style

Tanja stopped by and left me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and these two lovely Japanese pattern books, which I’d been coveting since I saw them at Canoe a few weeks ago! They’re so sweet. Each one has a CD with jpgs of the entire collection of patterns and I can’t wait to do something crafty with them.

Needlecraft + make it yourself journal

And Cathy gave me this set: a vintage Complete Library of Needlework volume, plus this revamped blank book from Attic Journals. I have a few of the make it yourself books (which I love) so that was especially cool!

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