Our first-ever Christmas tree! December 9, 2007

Okay, unlike most (many?) 33-year-olds who celebrate Christmas, I’ve never put up a tree before. Andrew and I have always gone to visit our families on the East Coast for the whole holiday stretch, so we never bothered. But this year we are staying in Oregon so we went to Michaels this morning and got a 4-foot silver tree* (inspired by Mariko’s gorgeous pink one) and decorated it this afternoon, while it was snowing even! It felt like a movie, I can’t believe it actually snowed.

Our first Christmas tree!

Then I went to Church of Craft this afternoon and made four pretty paper strip ornaments (thanks, Diane!) and added them to the mix. I just love seeing all the ornaments together. Most of them are handmade or vintage, but I got a pack of $1.99 mini silver rounds at Fred Meyer to fill in the gaps here and there, too.

And I just love that when I came home I could see it sparkling in the window!

*If you are also looking for a sparkly tree, Michaels has four-foot pre-lit pink, silver, and green-gold ones on sale for $19.99 this week. We got the last silver one that was out at the Clackamas/82nd Michaels but they had tons of the pink and green-gold left, and I bet the other Michaels have all three.

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