patchwork swap redux November 20, 2007

I just got back from LA yesterday and I’m so glad to be home! I had a great but super exhausting weekend and it is nice to catch my breath for a minute and be done with flying and packing suitcases for a while… more on Felt Club and the ReForm School party tomorrow.

I can finally post pictures of what I sent and received in Linda‘s patchwork swap! Yes, the one that happened last month. Lucky for me, I was assigned to send to my friend Wendy, so when October vanished in a whirlwind of monkey costume-making and article deadlines, I threw myself on her mercy and asked if I could hand-deliver her package to her at Felt Club a few weeks late. It was really fun to give her everything in person!

But first, here is what Jenny sent to me — it’s so fantastic. A stack of all kinds of fabric, including fake fur galore, and this amazing creature she sewed up just for me!

patchwork swap--the fabric and creature Jenny sent to me!

Thank you so much, Jenny!

Here’s what I put together for Wendy: a stack of prints, mostly cotton, with some bigger pieces in the mix (like the strawberries and sunglasses patterns).

patchwork swap--the fabric I sent to Wendy

For the patchwork piece to send along, I peeked at her blog and saw that she just made a bunch of pillows for her new couch so it seemed like one more could be a fun surprise, and I know she likes pink:

patchwork swap--the pillow I sent to Wendy

I loosely based it on Lisa Congdon‘s lovely how-to in a recent issue of ReadyMade — I cut eight fabrics into 2.5-inch strips and then randomly paired them at different lengths (or added three in a few cases) to create each row, then stitched the rows together to form a 12-inch pillow top. I quilted it horizontally, stitching an inch apart, and then added a pink corduroy back of the same size. I like all the pink!

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