Crafty maps of Portland and San Francisco October 8, 2007

I got a sneak peek at Diane Gilleland‘s crafty map of Portland when it was in progress but now that she’s unveiled the official version, I’m even more impressed! She’s included dozens of places to shop for craft supplies, take classes, sell your handmade work, or see craft shows… an impressive complement to her one-stop Portland resource DIY Alert. Way to go, Diane!

Portland Crafty Map by Diane Gilleland
check out that east side!

Now Leslie Yang has created a crafty map of San Francisco with plenty of local DIY resources to check out. I’m planning another visit to the Bay Area soon and I bookmarked her map as soon as I saw it — so handy!

San Francisco Crafty Map by Leslie Yang

If you have suggestions to add, just email Diane or Leslie and they’ll add them to the map! And why not create one for your own city, too?

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