Garlands and paper crafts and oven mitts and parties… August 29, 2007

Last Sunday’s Church of Craft meeting was the last one ever at Rimsky’s! It was a little sad to say goodbye to the house, but I am excited for the Central Library meetings, too. We all made garland flags as a thank-you to the coffeehouse for having us over to craft every month for the last three years. Here are two of my five, representing Rimsky-Korsakoffee House:

Rimsky-Korsakoffee garland

The other three I made were all dessert-themed, using some amazing, scary Poundy-esque 70s recipe cards, since Rimsky’s is such a sweets paradise. You can see a lot more garland photos and crafty details courtesy of Diane and Christina.

Some other stuff I’m excited about today:

Amy Butler has posted free downloadable project how-tos on her website! There are some really nice things to make, like portfolios, gift tags, and cards — all of them use her new Belle and Sola patterned papers, though I’m sure you could adapt them to any styles that you like or have on hand.

Linda has posted such a cool patchwork oven mitts project with instructions and photos. I love how hers came out! I want to make some myself, for sure, I have some Superbuzzy fabric that’s just perfect for them.

•Last, just wanted to mention that if you’re here in town, John of a broken spoke and Liza Rietz are having a grand opening party for their new collective space on Friday night. Here are the details:

Grand Opening of Liza Rietz and a broken spoke
When: August 31st, this Friday, from 5-8pm
Where: 2305 NW Savior St., Portland
There will be food, beverages, and the great Hostile Tapeover will wow you with his ability to DJ with cassettes!

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