smog’s not so bad when a city’s this rad July 25, 2007

My Around the World in 80 Girls travel guide to Los Angeles is on page 48 of the latest issue of BUST (with Rosario Dawson on the cover) — I’m so pleased! I got to shout out to so many of my favorite places: ReForm School, Pull My Daisy, Felt Club, Griffith Park, Michael Levine, Clifton’s, the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, the Getty Center, Mashti Malone, the Rose Bowl flea market, and about thirty more! I really miss LA these days and I can’t wait to visit. It’s been far too long.

my BUST guide to Los Angeles

my BUST guide to Los Angeles

A big thank you to my lovely editor, Lisa, for the catchy subtitle and for making it look so good!

Speaking of LA, Cathy of California is coming to visit for a couple of days next week, which I’m so excited about. Diane and I will be taking her on our Portland Crafty Tour and I have a few vintage treasures I’ve been saving for her vast collection.

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