seven things about me June 6, 2007

Lee tagged me for this one: list 7 random things about yourself and then tag 7 more people to do the same… so here goes!

1. I love rain (good thing, living in Portland for the last decade!) — I love how fresh the air feels and as long as it’s not bitterly cold or bitingly windy, I like walking in it, too. I never really got used to the dryness of the desert air in Los Angeles, I missed the rain a lot.

2. I hate salad, and always have (sorry, Mom, I know you tried!). I love vegetables, just not raw lettuce and salad dressing, yuck.

3. The things I miss the most about North Carolina, where I grew up, are: thunderstorms, fireflies, swimming in the ocean, good hushpuppies, and seeing UNC basketball games all the time.

4. My husband and I got married in the Church of Craft at Contemporary Crafts Museum. Can you possibly guess who did all the wedding planning?

5. I’m obsessed with the Missions of California — I’ve visited three so far (San Luis Obispo, San Miguel Arcangel, and San Juan Bautista), and I’m already planning a birthday trip down El Camino Real next year. I want to visit all 21 and make a charm bracelet with the saints’ medals. And strangely, even though I’ve visited San Francisco at least a dozen times I’ve never actually made it to the mission there… next time for sure!

6. I love stars, and I think the Maersk truck with a star on it is my secret good-luck charm — when I see one on the highway, I know I’ll have a good rest of the day.

7. I adore flickr and if I didn’t have work to do, I would hang out there all day long.

I think a bunch of people have already done this one, so I’ll tag Linda, Meredith, Kari, Christina, Diane, Heather, and Marie

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