Craft in America on PBS May 29, 2007

PBS is airing a new three-part, three-hour documentary, CRAFT IN AMERICA: Memory, Landscape, Community, tomorrow night and I can’t wait to see it. What a nice treat — especially on my first Wednesday without LOST to look forward to! Here in Portland it’s airing from 8 to 11 pm, but check your local PBS schedule to see when it’s on in your city. Each part of the series focuses on a different aspect of craft, and just from the descriptions, I’m most excited about the third hour, Community:

Throughout time, craft work has been a community activity. This hour will focus on the spiritual connection artists have to their communities through craft making. Some express the ideas, beliefs and desires of their community through their craft objects. Some pay homage to the community by continuing craft traditions that are in danger of being lost. Others actually perform their craft as a community project. The personal stories of gifted artists and passionate newcomers alike reveal the deeply held belief that craft is about more than just the making of an object – it is also about a way of life, a reason for being.

You can see a preview here and there’s lots more information on the documentary here.

Even more exciting is the news that the Museum of Contemporary Craft will be exhibiting the companion visual show, CRAFT IN AMERICA: Expanding Traditions, as their premier exhibit when they reopen in their new Northwest Portland space in July. The show is currently in Arkansas, and will also travel to San Diego, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Palm Springs (along with several other cities) through 2009.

There will also be a companion book published in the fall, CRAFT IN AMERICA: Celebrating Two Centuries of Artists and Objects, which looks amazing too.

ps: I’m having annoying wireless issues, so sorry about the lack of visuals…

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