Craft Supply Swap and Super Crafty Love-In in Portland this weekend May 21, 2007

I’m in Berkeley, recovering from two amazing, crazy days at Maker Faire and Bazaar Bizarre… I just collapsed after I got home last night. I took 200 pictures, taught two workshops, bought some really cool handmade stuff, and hung out with lots of great crafty people. More on this in a couple of days — I’ll be writing it up for whip-up mid-week, with plenty of photos!

In the meantime, here’s a heads up about some cool Portland stuff going on. This upcoming Sunday, May 27, there are two crafty events to hit if you’re interested in crossing town — I think it will be a fun afternoon!

From 11-4, Sister Diane of Church of Craft will be hosting a craft supply swap at One Hundredth Monkey Studio (110 SE 16th Ave.). I’ll be there at the beginning for sure, it sounds great. I certainly have one or two things to donate, too.

And from 2-3:30, the girls of Portland Super Crafty and I will be leading a free shrine-making workshop at the Northwest Portland Library (2300 NW Thurman St.). Register online, in the library, or by calling 503.988.5234. I’d love to see you there! (We’re doing five more crafty events this summer, and Diane is doing six, so mark your calendars now!)

Cathy's Forget-Me-Not shrine
Cathy Pitters‘ Forget-Me-Not Shrine, from Super Crafty

More info on the crafty swap:

Hi, Crafters –

I hope you’re coming by the Craft Supply Swap this weekend!

Here are some details for you:

– Please bring any art or craft materials that you aren’t using
anymore. We’re open to pretty much everything — paints, fabrics, yarn, beads,
buttons, pens and pencils, clay, paper . . . .

The only stuff we’re not looking for are those random cast-off things
you’ve been hanging onto in case that perfect project comes along. You
know . . . those paper-towel tubes and the guts of that old transistor

– There is no admission fee for this event. We do ask that you bring
something to swap. The 100th Monkey Studio will have a collection jar to
take donations for their Art Scholarship fund, in case you’d like to
donate a bit.

– You are welcome to take any art or craft materials you can use from
the swap. We’re not placing limits on what people take, but we hope
everyone will respect that this is a community event, and leave plenty for
everyone else. We are donating a large portion of the leftover material
to Outside In.

– We will have three free craft tables going on during the day, so you
can also hang out and make stuff:

From 11:00 – 1:00, we’ll be making Fabric Scrap Flower Pins.

From 1:00 – 3:00, we’ll be making Refrigerator Magnets, using all kinds
of found objects.

And from 3:00 – 4:00, we’ll be making Fused Fabric Greeting Cards.

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