lovely Caffe Pallino May 11, 2007

When I have a bunch of deadlines (like this week!) sometimes it’s hard to get everything done in my house… especially when there are unpacked boxes lying around distracting me from reaching my word count. It’s funny, when I’m actually on deadline of course all I can think about is unpacking; when I’m not, I seem to have no problem at all ignoring them.

So I went out to a new cafe in my neighborhood with wireless, Caffe Pallino on SE Division, and spent four hours writing and e-mailing away, over coffee, then panini for lunch, then more coffee. It’s such a gorgeous place, all sleek and streamlined, and sitting right next to one of the big windows is pretty much bliss. They’re open from early morning until 9 every night so you have plenty of time to do your work-work and then maybe knit a few rows or read the paper over dessert.

I think this would be a super nice place to craft… though I was chained to my laptop and sat at a table instead this time.
Caffe Pallino

I love these lights, I wonder if I could concoct something like this for my house? Somehow? Maybe?
Caffe Pallino

They serve pastries, grilled sandwiches, fresh pasta, and gelato… really good gelato. This is a fancy row: chocolate chili, fresh strawberry, and lime jalapeno (which is hot as hell, a taste was quite enough for me — I’m glad I tried it but I’m not tough enough for a whole cup of it!).
Gelato at Caffe Pallino

And I am collecting the little stripe-y cups for a craft project. Maybe a pot for a tiny plant, maybe a cupcake-pincushion to add to my collection.
Gelato cups at Caffe Pallino

Anyway, every neighborhood in Portland is blessed with at least one great cafe… but this one is especially lovely, and whether I’m working or crafting or just want an espresso, I’ll for sure be back soon.

If you go:

Caffe Pallino

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