Crafty Curios in action! April 25, 2007

I recently got a couple of Jennifer PerkinsCrafty Curios — colorful bags full of trinkets and vintage sparkly bits to remake into new jewelry and accessories. She includes a blank ring, hairpin, and earring wires to get you started, which is super handy. I got both a white and a pink mix-up:

Crafty Curios by Jennifer Perkins

and picked out these mini-treasures to use for my first round:

the pieces I used from my Crafty Curios

and here are the pieces I made in just a couple of minutes!

my finished Crafty Curios pieces!

(please excuse the horrid photo, it seems like everything I own except for this wrinkled green fabric is packed away in a box — they really are sparkly and cute!)

I used 527 cement to glue the bigger cabachons onto the blank ring and bobby pin, and used my pliers to take a few links off the pink necklace to make earrings. As a bonus, I had plenty of the beaded chain left to make a little bracelet to match with the original clasp, and I have tons more stuff to use for future projects, too!

Jennifer’s having a huge sale right now: everything at both her Naughty Secretary Club site and etsy shop, including a rainbow of Crafty Curios, is 25% off for Administrative Professionals Week! All the details are here on her blog, and the sale runs through the 28th. So whether you’re looking for jewelry to make or jewelry to wear, she has you covered.

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