Gocco love at Reading Frenzy April 9, 2007

I love my Gocco printer so much, and seeing what other people make with theirs is always cool. So today when I was at Reading Frenzy I was so happy to spot Mark Pawson‘s gorgeous Gocco-printed postcards! Look at that detail on the little printing set-up! I love the little tubes of ink and the screens and all of it. And the Print More Postcards design is genius.

Two Gocco-printed postcards by Mark Pawson

He describes his pieces here and shows sets made by other artists he works with here on his website.

If you’re in Portland, I highly recommend picking up a few amazing things (like Red Bat Press postcards and Nikki McClure prints) from Reading Frenzy and getting a cup of coffee next door at Half and Half so you can make an afternoon of it. But if you’re not close enough to shop in person, you can also browse online for the two new issues of Craphound and other great books and zines hand-picked by proprietoress Chloe Eudaly.

Update: I wanted to add that if you are a crafter/small business owner looking to advertise in a cool place (and for a good cause) please consider a spot in the upcoming issue of ReadyMade! Alison of Wonderland Q has been selling ads for them and recently had to have emergency gall-bladder surgery without health insurance. To help with her medical bills, Marie of the Sampler has offered to sell the remaining ad space and give Alison the commission — please contact her if you’re interested. Details:

The ads are in ReadyMade’s Digest. They’re $350 and run for 4 months. For more information about ads in the Digest, ordering them, etc., please just send Marie a quick email (Marie AT homeof the sampler DOT com) and she’ll send you the PDF with all the information inside. Unfortunately, RM is on a bit of a deadline and would need signed insertion orders by tomorrow, April 10, and artwork by Wednesday, April 11.

Get well soon, Alison!!

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