Repro Depot love March 23, 2007

I just got my wonderful Sampler today, and while there was a lot of crafty goodness to love inside (which I’m saving for its own post next week), I was beyond thrilled to get a beautiful stack of 7-inch squares of fabric (plus a tiny, cute sewing kit) from the amazing Repro Depot. There are some of my absolute favorite designs from Denyse Schmidt and Amy Butler in the mix, along with dozens of patterns I haven’t seen before. Such a cool surprise.

Repro Depot fabrics in the Sampler!
Repro Depot sewing kit in the Sampler!

Since I recently got up the courage to try quilting after years and years of sewing, I’m extra excited to use these lovely squares in a project, and soon. Thank you so much, Repro Depot!

Sorry for the short and erratic posts this week — I usually like to write every day but things have been a bit hectic this week as I finish a bunch of projects up. Next week I’ll be a lot more on top of it (I hope). Have a lovely weekend!

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